Future Projects


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Projects and prototypes


Our prototype boat Inspire was born out of the desire to travel and live on the water. We combined the desire with our inspiration, ideas and knowledge about transforming and build a very liveable boat / caravan with a maximum of space. It allows you to travel all over Australia's roads and waterways.

welcome to Transformis - Modern Innovations!

Where your imagination becomes reality!

Innovation means looking outside the square and improving on the existing and producing a much better result.
Many travels made us realise what travellers like, want and need during their trips on the road and on the water.
So we have started to implement ideas to suit the needs and desires of the travellers.

When it comes to caravanning and boating, the biggest challenge remains "space" Transformer Toys put our brains in overdrive and got our creative juices flowing. Applying the same principles allowed us to create maximum space.