As houseboat fans we're always interested in cool innovations. The Inspire Houseboat is without a doubt one of the most striking examples of such an innovation. We know space is one of the most valuable things in a houseboat, so the idea of a 'transformer concept' that enlarges your floating home has great potential. This project has proved that the combination of Claudia's German craftsmanship and the Australian outback attitude results in something great. We look forward to see the follow up of this amazing concept. A full review of this houseboat can be found on:

Juul Steyn, co-founder of (Holland)

Your idea is fantastic. It was one of those “Ah hah, why hasn’t someone thought of this before” moments when I read it.
I live in the U.S. state of Illinois near the Mississippi river where the Interstate I-280 road crosses the river. I drive past a marina almost every day. Houseboats are very popular here. There are companies that rent them. I have toyed with the idea of buying a large houseboat to retire on. The cost of these are easily $250,000+ and the maintenance is horrendous. Your concept knocks the current choice of catastrophically small and affordable or large, expensive and difficult to manage, to the side of the road.
Your idea solves so many issues. The cost of a large slip for a large boat. Not being able to pick-up and easily relocate a typically slow moving vessel to a distant location. Saving a fortune of fuel. Stability for what would otherwise be a top heavy boat. I could go on but I’m sure you already know all of the advantages.
Just wanted to give you credit and acknowledgement for a great idea. Hopefully you can enjoy a windfall for your efforts.
Best wishes,
Phil Scott

Congratulations Claudia,
I've just been blown away by your caravan / houseboat! Just love your thinking and so admire what you've achieved. We're in the UK and hope to be finishing our campervan early in the new year, ready to go touring now that we've finally retired.
All the very best in your adventures and please keep me posted on your future developments.
Phil (Read)
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